dni list

a few of these terms are nsfw. this is usually something to do with the reason that they're listed here, but keep this in mind if you do not want to/are unable to view nsfw content.
sort of important sidenote about dnis - click to expand

some people appear to take dni to mean "don't interact with me" rather than "don't interact with me or i'll block you". i use the latter definition. i have never really understood why people say "dnis don't work" before realising that - it's perfectly fine to have people you don't want interacting with you (for certain reasons, such as them just being fucked up or like trauma or something. things like minors dni if you're sfw is just annoying), it's not something that does or doesn't "work". it seems people don't actually mean that though so i wanted to clarify that.

dni if you are any of the following:

if you want to know more about a term, hover over/click on it! (clicking needs javascript though)
  • lolishota
  • pedophile/"map"
  • zoophile
  • queer exclusionist
  • (trans)misogynist
  • transmed/sysmed
  • if you believe "agp" is real or you need to do something to be valid as a trans person
  • if you have a red name on shinigami eyes or soupcan (note: since these programs can have false positives, this one is not a strict rule)
  • if you're part of geometry dash twitter unless you're normal
  • if you're in nba youngboy twitter or have "transtwt dni" somewhere on your profile (there is a very high chance you're a horrible person)
  • if you fetishise trans people or objectify them (for example, using language like "transgenders" or "a transgender")
  • proshippers (unless you are a Pro Shipper like you are Pro Ship like Ship Boat. ! : D
  • if you say that really weird shit about indigenous/native people where you're like "dude they're going to murder us (in real life and totally not in my weird larp) and this is totally fine somehow and this is also like palestine because weird terrorist group equals whole country"
  • if you think it's okay to misgender people if they've done something you don't like

if you don't know what some of these are then it's fine to ask me! if i directed you here, though, you probably meet at least one of these

you are also allowed to ask questions/ask to be exempt/ask for a rule to be removed

i may also block you if you don't approach me nicely, too. please do that!

the 88x31s have been hidden because you have reduced motion turned on, and there are many fast flashing gifs. there is no way to unhide them at this time, but i will try to add that in future.


people, creatures, and groups:

lily dimden maia crimew versary town SINEWAVE sadgrl.online accursed farms very pink background with dotted elements. it says 'meow!' in big block letters, and 'elysia' under that. there is a picture of a pink haired cat girl on the right. Openbooks easrng oat.zone Lunar Eclipse Zone 88x31 button. The color scheme is pink-purple and there's an eclipsed moon on the right. daniela nano ellie time houl FREEEE (freeplay) A blue button with the text "8BitOSC (dot net)" on it. Asahi button :D when the silly boxy pinkcreeper100 sneexy Illudens gnawmon liminal dottych AndrewIdot late cool site haiiii!!! :3 haii ^w^ hiiii haii hii!! :3

cool shows n stuff:

diminish petscop the owl house MineXplorer MineWatch The Bottom of The Void: Act 1 Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions nostomania micheal p classic minecraft


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please invite me to more webrings please please please

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