welcome to my homepage!! :3

omg hi!! :3 my name is lily, and i'm a furry (my fursona is called tauon, here's her ref sheet), a trans girl (my pronouns are she/it), and i love girls!!! (and boys (and enbies (and other creatures)))

i like programming, photography, and writing! i'll make pages for my special interests soon :3
i'm also into retrocomputing, which includes old computers, operating systems, and even games consoles like the playstation!

i'm a part of a plural system (what's that?) that goes by the collective name the misfits! you can look at our collective page here, which also has individual pages for each system member! (the main one is for me, because i'm the "original", so to speak.)

my favourite programming language is rust (that's because my code never segfaults (unless i'm doing something especially silly)) i'm also a total maia arson crimew stan!!! you can go to the 88x31s down below to find a link to its site!! :3

i was born on 2007-04-14 !! i was born when everyone's sites looked like this unironically (it's not really ironic - i really appreciate the older style of sites)

find me on other websites :3

(i might acquire more of the old internet things btw!! i think they're really cool :3)

embed my 88x31 on your page! :3

please do hotlink the button btw!! (that is, unless you have a super cool system like mine that auto-updates them)

look at my latest status.cafe!

the 88x31s have been hidden because you have reduced motion turned on, and there are many fast flashing gifs. there is no way to unhide them at this time, but i will try to add that in future.


people, creatures, and groups:

lily dimden maia crimew versary town SINEWAVE sadgrl.online accursed farms very pink background with dotted elements. it says 'meow!' in big block letters, and 'elysia' under that. there is a picture of a pink haired cat girl on the right. Openbooks easrng oat.zone Lunar Eclipse Zone 88x31 button. The color scheme is pink-purple and there's an eclipsed moon on the right. daniela nano ellie time houl FREEEE (freeplay) A blue button with the text "8BitOSC (dot net)" on it. Asahi button :D when the silly boxy pinkcreeper100 sneexy Illudens gnawmon liminal dottych AndrewIdot late cool site haiiii!!! :3 haii ^w^ hiiii haii hii!! :3 7vector authenyo

cool shows n stuff:

diminish petscop the owl house MineXplorer MineWatch The Bottom of The Void: Act 1 Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions nostomania micheal p classic minecraft


88 by 31 fuck adobe anything but chrome anything but windows join the fediverse piracy now anarchy now this is an anti NFT site keep the web free, say no to web3 this website sucks love BLĂ…HAJ NFTs? no fucking thanks! trans rights now! my pronouns are she/it this user touches grass learn html today! Status Cafe cohost now firefox now acab autism now! cohost discord? no way! powered by linux with a drawing of xenia the fox trans your gender ublock origin now take back the web, install firefox free palestine no war in ukraine wasteof.money the website and app take back the web, install firefox Apple Cyberdog The Intra Clinic take back the web, install firefox if your son wears a skirt, get him some cute kneesocks as well. pansexual flag, i love everyone balls online: become a ball, talk, draw, play now minecraft webseries discord

please invite me to more webrings please please please

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